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What to Wear to School: A Teacher's Supply List

Dressing for the classroom isn’t like dressing for an office. A teacher’s wardrobe needs to be professional, of course, but also comfortable. During the course of the school day, a teacher may be leaning over a student’s shoulder, doing the whiteboard stretch, or sitting cross-legged for carpet reading time. For sure a teacher will be standing for hours at a time. And then there’s the classroom temperature swings through the day.

Best Dressed Teacher

 A teacher’s wardrobe should be filled with classic, layering options. Jackets, cardigans, and scarves are a must. As are comfortable, stylish shoes and boots that hold up. How is a teacher to layer personality on a budget?


 Back to School Teacher Supply List 

  1. Comfy Leggings
  2. Cozy Cardigans
  3. Flowy Dresses
  4. Shoes, Shoes, Shoes
  5. Layering Long Sleeves
  6. Cute Coat
  7. Tops, Tips, Tops
  8. Blazers for layering
  9. Boots, Boots, Boots
  10. Accessorize with Accessories

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Should I Resale or Consign?

You’re super excited about your newest, trendy clothing purchases.  But they just don’t fit into the closet? What to do with the still like new, on-trend clothing that you’re just not going to wear anymore? There are a couple options to consider: Resale and Consignment.  But what’s the difference? Many people use the terms interchangeably, but they couldn’t be more different. The biggest difference is when you get paid.


Cash Now vs. Later. Maybe

When you consign, you technically own the items until they sell.  This means you pay a fee for the consignment shop to sell the item for you, typically a percentage of the value, and you don’t get paid until the item sells.  If it doesn’t sell, not only do you not get paid, you need to go back and get your items or you forfeit ownership. Resale is different. Resale is walking in to a shop with items and walking out with cash. No fees to the shop and no need to worry about coming back for your items if they don’t sell.


Style Encore Eagan is a resale shop. You bring your like new, stylish clothing and we will buy it right then and there. We don’t buy everything that walks into the store, but this is because we can’t resell everything that people bring in. We are looking for items that have been in the retail stores within the past couple of years & that are in good to great condition.  We purchase items that sell well in our store. We like to buy what you want to buy; which keeps thrifty fashionistas coming back again and again.

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Are your wardrobe basics becoming boring? Is it time to step away from the mom jeans & yoga pants?  Tired of black, grey, tan & white being the only "colors" of your wardrobe?  Do you have several favorite pieces in your closet but you just can't seem to get it right?  We bet you think you can’t afford a personal stylist but guess what....YOU CAN!! Stop into the store and fill out a quick profile questionaire and make an appointment for a FREE, one-on-one styling session. We’ll have several outfits ready for you to try on!  Have questions about how it works?  Call the store at 612-255-0573 and we will help clarify the process for you.